Playing with some editing and lighting effects with my backdrops. A fun experience that I’d like to perfect a bit more. You can see the BEFORE and AFTER in the one set of photos.


Juliet and Micah

In the fall I assisted some friends in taking ‘mock engagement’ photos in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, B.C. When Juliet asked me to take photos, I was not sure what to expect; the weather was windy, and the setting was not what I was hoping for, but in the end the photos turned out amazing. Not only for the photos, the shoot itself was one of my most uplifting shoots I have done. Both of them were laughing and enjoying life and I couldn’t help smiling the entire time. So much love and good company were to be had this day. #iammormon #lds #love

Lunar Eclipse

Rule # 1 – Bring your equipment….

Rule #2 – Make sure you have all PARTS of the equipment…. ** cough cough.** Tripod attachment.

I did manage a few nice shots regardless of the lack of tripod but would have been an amazing night with proper stability.

In all the photos were better than the actual eclipse from my location. A bit of cloud cover seemed to blur out the moon for most of the night until after the eclipse was over. In the past I have found eclipses better in the early hours of the morning and not at sunset. In all, it made for a great night to have a picnic and enjoy good company.

Do it like James Bond – Part I

I got to spend a lovely sunny afternoon with this handsome gentleman. He asked me a few weeks ago who would be able to take some photos of him, as he wished to portray himself in a more positive and composed light. I took this upon myself to convey a series of photos that would show the experience and savoire vivre of his new lifestyle. But every time I thought of ideas, I kept thinking back to James Bond. He agreed that James Bond was the man to be, so with the help of a few props and a sexy man in a suit, I found myself with an album of photographs portraying a mysteriously handsome man with a mission.