Winter Time

It has become cold now. The leaves are gone and the snow has turned the pine trees into winter cacti; their bristles frozen and glistening white, like tiny swords ready for a fight. The true battle is not the snow, but the bitter cold. We have a long winter ahead of us and the storms have yet to blow through the mountain pass. Here are some photos to document the winter months.


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Michael and Elza Wedding – Kasteel Hooge Vuursche

Elza and Michael

In July, I traveled to the Netherlands for this beautiful wedding. The bride and groom chose to take their couple photos before guests arrived which worked out very well to capture intimate and happy moments before all of the excitement of the celebration. Michael was able to see Elza for the first time in a beautiful dress ( ) upon the steps of the magical Kasteel Hooge Vuursche in Baarn, Netherlands. The venue was well organized and perfect for this couple. Congratulations, Elza and Michael, on your special day. Wishes for you and your future together.



Indigenous Perspectives

Lynn Valley and Squamish – It was snowing beautifully all day so we decided to enjoy some waterfalls in the area – we were visited by a Raven in Squamish while we looked upon Stawamus Chief Mountain

Juliet and Micah

In the fall I assisted some friends in taking ‘mock engagement’ photos in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, B.C. When Juliet asked me to take photos, I was not sure what to expect; the weather was windy, and the setting was not what I was hoping for, but in the end the photos turned out amazing. Not only for the photos, the shoot itself was one of my most uplifting shoots I have done. Both of them were laughing and enjoying life and I couldn’t help smiling the entire time. So much love and good company were to be had this day. #iammormon #lds #love